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Haven's Brand new Forum!
What is Haven?

Haven is a guild that started off as "Pulse". One of the issues we came across was a lot of people associated us too strongly with the professional E-Sports organization and not enough as a community guild.

What is Haven's primary goal?

Our hope is to encourage members from all walks of life, from the casual player who can only play an hour or two a day to the competitive player who devotes all spare time to becoming the best at what they do.

We wish to work together to form a cohesive community of players without the cliques or elitism that can be found in some guilds.

With your help, we aim to provide a guild that will not only harbor the best but also create a wealth of knowledge for the casual and core gamers that are looking to improve in all aspects of HEX: Shards of Fate.
Vizick / Jun 24, 2014
So today is finally the day we get the Auction House. Hopefully this should make constructed tournaments much more viable. Along with the AH we are getting some new tournament formats, a way for newbies to play the AI and hopefully earn some cards. Check out the link for all the details
Vizick / Jun 12, 2014
So things have been a little slow recently on here but here is some new updates.

The Past- HEX recently had it's 1st birthday its rather impressive to see what the folks at Crypto have done.

Present-Though its a little late, here's the recent patch updates

Future-Now here is where we can all get truly excited. First we should expect the AH, larger tourneys, and some other goodies to be implemented sometime in the near future (next week maybe). There were a couple of videos here that show how the world of Enrath will look, as well as how it has improved since the kickstarter. And last but certainly not least is Shattered Destiny, this will be the newest set in the world of Hex and will introduce the new mechanic tunnel. We should expect SD to be released sometime around August.
Vizick / May 27, 2014
So looks like this most recent update was just some standard QoL adjustments and a few other basic features. We also got a screenshot of the AH that will eventually be added and a bit of news on Swiss drafting. For anyone not familiar with the term, swiss means you will always play a set number of games usually three and you will win a pack per win. So if you go 2-1 you will win 2 packs, this allows a more laid back play to draft and is especially good for new drafters.

Here's the full article on HEX site